Serving Onions in Yoga Class

Every time I step my eager little toes on my freshly laid mat I get a yearning for what’s about to over come my body and senses. I sit silently in child’s pose or svasana sinking my breath deeper beneath me, removing outside distractions one exhale at a time. Music turns on, the teacher begins class. We start with steady and intentional breathing to build a calm base for practice. Next is initiating flow with asana and creating light into my vinyasa. Then it’s core work, the burning sensation of strength. A few more rounds of flow and we reached half pigeon to svasana.

When we walk into class we choose to be there. We know what we are expecting. We give ourselves an onion and we place it at the top of our mat. Every breath and every movement our body makes, we take that onion and we peel back a layer. With each part the light in us takes it and creates life through our mind and body. All of our inhalations and exhalations have a purpose. Each asana we hold is a layer we are extracting from inner strength. You could have done eagle pose a thousand times, but that day it’s one thousand and one. It’s a new onion you are peeling. It’s a new edge and new thought. Once that onion has lost its layers and you lay in svasana, this does not mean you have no more yoga left. If you finish an onion, does this mean that there are no more onions in the world? Breathe in the peels scattered around your mat. There are millions of onions. There are no more layers to peel that day however there will always be another onion.

The next time you practice think of each breath, movement, flow in your practice as a layer. Think of each time you lay out your honest runway, it’s a new practice. A new onion to peel. It’s specific layers are there for you. It’s special. Just as you are special.



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